Hello and welcome to Cooking with Nart – where you can find Thai & Thai inspired recipes to make at home!

First of all, thank you for visiting my website! I’m Nart, a home cook based in Bangkok, aka the City of Angels. 

A lover of wholesome and home cooked meals, I started cooking as soon as I moved out for university and have been doing so ever since. I find cooking very therapeutic and think it’s best we know exactly what goes into our food, good or bad.

Why Thai?

Easy! Because I’m Thai!

Well, not really

When I was living on my own in Thailand, I didn’t really cook a lot of real Thai food. As a student, most of the time I just went with something filling and quick. I never really bothered with all the herbs or the right methods. I was living in Thailand after all.  You know, you could get Thai food everywhere (although not every place is good!) and I knew I’d be coming home to my mother’s superb Thai home cooked meals every weekend.

But this all changed when I moved abroad… “Real” Thai food was among the things I missed the most about home. I started cooking Thai food a lot and actually paid more attention to the little details, despite having limited ingredients. For anything I didn’t know how to do, my mom was always my best bet. I’d text her, asking how to do stuff.

During that time I also traveled to many new countries and tried a lot of new foods. It was these experiences combined that made me realize Thai was/is my favorite cuisine. But don’t get me wrong! I enjoy cooking and eating different cuisines. In fact they’re actually one of the main reasons, if not the only one, why I travel AT ALL. I guess everybody has a favorite cuisine or two and mine just happens to be the one I know best. And as I’m based in Thailand my home country where I can find every Thai ingredient I could possibly want, what else could it be, right?

I hope you try and enjoy the recipes on this website. If there’s anything that needs improving, please do feel free to let me know – I promise I won’t bite. 😛 And if you’re new to Thai cooking, just remember I was like you at one point. Although I could tell what tasted right and what didn’t, I wasn’t born a great Thai cook. I can’t stress enough that amazing Thai food doesn’t have to be cooked by a Thai!