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two bowls of Thai sticky rice pudding with corn

Thai Sticky Rice Pudding with Corn

If you’re a fan of Thai food, you probably know that we love sticky rice in our desserts. We pair it with so many things, from mango in mango…

thai shaved ice dessert with basil seeds and croutons

Thai Shaved Ice Dessert | Nam Kang Sai

I can’t believe summer is creeping in again. 🥵🥵 When I was a kid, end of February – beginning of March was still winter-ish. However, it’s been super hot in…

a slice of thai tea cheesecake on a white plate

Easy Thai Tea Cheesecake

Did you make any special dessert for Valentine’s Day this year? I actually made Thai tea cheesecake for the occasion, and let me tell you, this cheesecake is the…