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milk being poured into a glass filled with ice and Thai tea

Thai Iced Tea

THAI ICED TEA (known as CHA YEN in Thai) is a tasty and refreshing drink sold on many streets of Thailand. If you’ve been here, chances are you’ve had this…

two glasses of peach lemonade

Fresh Peach Lemonade

You guys, look at that peach color. It’s so pretty I want to cry! And will you believe me if I tell you this drink tastes as beautiful as…

two raspberry lime vodka cocktails

Raspberry Lime Vodka Cocktail

Unless you’ve read my Japanese plum wine (umeshu) post, you would have thought this blog was alcohol-free. High five ✋ I would too, even as the sole creator/writer of…

honey lemon tea

Honey and Lemon Green Tea

You might have read in my recent post that we grow lemons at home in Bangkok ourselves. In Thailand lemons are more expensive than limes and available mostly at supermarkets. I’ve…