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Things to Eat with Rice

a plate of Thai lotus shoot salad

Thai Lotus Shoot Salad

I’m addicted to this Thai lotus shoot salad (yum lai bua) and have been cooking the stuff weekly for God knows how long. Calling it delicious is an understatement.…

Thai style omelet or kai jeow on a white plate

Easy Thai-Style Omelet | Kai Jeow

Been checking out Thai recipes but aren’t quite confident to try any? Read on, my friends. I’m about to introduce you to (or remind you of, for some of…

two bowls of spicy Thai sweet leaf salad with shrimp

Spicy Thai Sweet Leaf Salad | Yum Pak Wan

Have you ever heard of yum pak wan (ยำผักหวาน) before? If not, come in closer, you’re missing out BIG TIME and you’ll want to know all about this super…

Thai potato soup with chicken drumettes

Thai Potato Soup with Chicken Drumettes

Hello Wednesday. Feeling the midweek blues? Hating the rain? The cold? The gloominess? The dark? No more sulking because the Thai potato and chicken soup is here and it’s…

mung bean sprouts stir-fried with tofu in a bowl

Mung Bean Sprouts Stir-Fried with Tofu

Brace yourself. Here come another two weird Asian ingredients that you will either love or hate: Mung bean sprouts Tofu How does that sound? Good or bad? I say…

Thai cashew chicken in a white bowl

Thai Cashew Chicken | Gai Pad Med Mamuang

It’s been a few days since my last post, and I’m back on my usual diet. I know, I know, that I’m-gonna-start-eating-healthily-after-vacay spirit didn’t last very long. 😂😂 But hey,…