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a bowl of Thai red curry cashew pesto

Thai Red Curry Cashew Pesto

When I pruned my basil plants last week, I asked on my Instagram what I should do with the basil. A few people made a suggestion and I went…

toast topped with sour cream and onion mushroom spread

Sour Cream & Onion Mushroom Dip / Spread

Guys. I can’t stop with this sour cream & onion mushroom spread. I. Just. Can’t. I hadn’t made something this satisfying for a long time and was craving naughty…

beetroot hummus on toast with cape gooseberries

Easy Beetroot Hummus

Welcome back. I bet you ran away from your computer or phone when you saw the word beetroot in my post title. Scary, I know. I used to hate…

homegrown dried oregano, parsley, tarragon in small bowls

How To Dry Your Homegrown Herbs

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about my plants and today is the day because I’ve just done something really exciting for the first time. That’s…